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The Friday Faction: 04/27/12

There’s still time to sign up to attend our Kentucky Derby Party…just check out our Facebook page.  Everyone have a safe weekend!


The Friday Faction: 03-23-12

We hope that everyone has a bit of nice weather to enjoy this weekend.  Be safe, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



The Tour Visor: Retro Cool

Let’s take a trip back five years in time, and look around the world of hats.  By jumping in the DeLorean and cruising the streets of Hill Valley, we would notice that today’s tour visor wasn’t that easy to find.  Back then, only a handful of people could be seen wearing the tall fronted, wide brim visor.  Those of note included Bob Stoops of Oklahoma and Bubba Watson of the PGA Tour.  Other than those gentlemen, only a few more were wearing the tour visor instead of the smaller more cap-like version. 

Fast forward to 2012…the tour visor is now in full force and offered by several brands.  For a real quick check of just what is available out there, I’ve put together a grouping of what I think are the best looking ones around.

1. The Atlantic Drift Navy Tour Visor

2. The Southern Proper White Frat Visor

3. The Southern Tide Red Skipjack Golf Visor

4. The Cleveland Blue High Profile Tour Visor

Do you have a favorite brand that offers a tour visor?  Let us know about it!


Golf Style: God Help Us

There is a saying here in the Texas Panhandle, “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait, it’ll change in a about ten minutes.” While it took more than ten minutes this time, the weather sure changed for the better here. Yesterday morning involved making the morning drive on snow packed roads through blowing snow, while the evening drive involved bright sunshine and sixty degree weather.

Weather like that tends to make a man’s thoughts drift towards the long narrow fairways and lush greens of his favorite loop. The same goes for me as well, but after watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am this weekend, my thoughts strayed just a bit.  After seeing some of the wild get-ups that people donned for the nationally televised event, I couldn’t hold my toungue any longer.

If I see you looking like this on my home track, I will try to pelt you with an errant drive.

Mr. Bill Murray gets a pass.  His comedy genius is near unrivaled, and that is part of his persona.  The ghillie suit he wore on Sunday was a bit much, but like I said, he is Bill Murray, and he knows when to rein it in.  I’m talking about others that golf for a living.  Guys that are trying to stand out.  I’m all for being an individual, but golf is not a Monster Truck show or Dirt Bike rally like young Mr. Fowler would have you believe.

I do take some solace in the fact the Rickie Fowler missed the cut this weekend.  Knowing that Phil Mickelson was in the lead, and that he would dominate the coverage on Sunday, the potential new viewers that the PGA might have gained were able to see that golf does in fact remain a gentleman’s game.  Phil was smartly dressed in all black, which coordinated with the weather in Pebble Beach that day.  Another gentleman who fared far better than Fowler, is a man who I take cues from when dressing for golf.

Ryan Palmer tied for 29th this past weekend, and was (as always) dressed well.  My opinion is most likely biased as Palmer is from the Texas Panhandle, but I think many other people will agree.  Ryan proves time and again, that you don’t have to dress like a Peacock to carve out a name for yourself in the PGA.

I can’t quite remember which event it was from, but the picture below shows that even in antiquated items like knickers, Ryan Palmer still dresses better than the majority of the young PGA players.  I don’t know.  Maybe I am hitting my stride as a curmudgeon.  I do know one thing though.  When I hit the course, the bill of my cap will always have some curve to it, and I will in no way resemble a neon sign.

Now it’s your turn to speak up.  Am I wrong?  Am I just getting too set in my ways, or is the gentlemanly game of golf being mocked by the new wave of Hip-Hop and Punk?

The Friday Faction


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