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The Friday Faction: 05/04/12

Congratulations to Jonathan for winning the Hudson Sutler Giveaway.  We hope that everyone has a great weekend.  If you can, stop by the Kentucky Derby Party.  We’ll have a Mint Julep waiting for you.


Kentucky Derby Parties: A Survival Guide

With our upcoming Kentucky Derby Party, I thought that it might be a good idea to dive into just what to expect at an event such as this.  As Derby parties are not the norm in the Texas Panhandle, we hope to change that and show everyone a great time while we raise money for a good cause.  By learning what might make your party experience more enjoyable, everyone can then relax and have a leisurely day at the races.  To make the learning curve easier, we have compiled a survival guide of sorts to help you prep for the first Saturday in May.  So sit back, and take a look at some of the tips that we think can make you an old pro at Derby Day in no time flat.

1.  Derby Hats – Ladies, they can be crazy, they can be flashy…they can also be reserved.  Here’s great place to start the hunt for yours.

2. Daily Racing Forms – People, this is of utmost importance.  Get to know how to read a Racing Form. 

3. Derby Fare – The cucumber sandwiches are not the main fare at a Derby Party.  They’re almost exclusively for looks…almost.  Wait it out until the good stuff arrives. 

4. Racing Knowledge – Want to get a leg up on the other guy?  You need to be checking out the other races leading up to the first leg of the Triple Crown.

5. The Attire – Guys, it should be light and classy.  Ladies, it should be way better than that girl next to you.  After all there is a lot at stake here (see #6).

6. The Crown – To win the coveted trophy and prove that you have the best Derby Hat, you better bring your A-game.

7. The Beverage –  Mint Juleps are the drink of the day.  They may sound dainty, but you’d better try it before you knock it.

Be sure to check out all of the information on our Derby Party here.  We hope to see you there!

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