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The New Effort and an Apology

Apparently, if you have visited lately, which used to link directly to my domain, you were smacked in the face with a trashy little website that seemingly bought my domain once I let it expire. I apologize for that.

I have had some inquiries about PHP lately and have decided to try to get back in the groove. I can’t say that I’ll be able to post much, but will be around. Stay tuned…we’ll see where this goes!



New Home

Our domain change is still taking place, but your corner of the internet may already be showing our new look.  Please visit for the new site.  Thank you.

RE Atwood

Changes Coming

I just want to give everyone a heads-up.  We are undergoing some big changes at Panhandle Prep…big BIG changes.  To accomplish this, there will be a lot of radio silence for the next few days.  We should be back in business just in time for The Friday Faction.  Check back with us then.  You won’t regret it!

We’ll see all of you on the flip-side!

RE Atwood

Kentucky Derby Party Information Overload

To keep pushing our Kentucky Derby Party on all of you, I wanted to highlight some of the items that will be up for grabs in our silent auction.  We also want to explain just what else you can expect at the event.

With some of the names up above, I think that you can see…this is going to be a pretty good silent auction.  We have a wide selection of clothing, gear, art, rounds of golf and skin care products.  More items are coming in every day, so stay tuned.  I also want to offer people not able to attend the opportunity. to call in and bid on silent auction items.  If you are interested, send me an email. and we can discuss the process.

As for what else the party has to offer; here is a short run-down. 

As most of you know, The Kentucky Derby isn’t the only race ran at Churchill Downs on May 5th.  In fact, it’s not even the last race of the day there.  To show you what it’s really like to be at Churchill on Derby Day, we will have several flat screen televisions showing the races throughout the day.  There will also be daily racing forms available so that you can do some research and pick your favorite horse for a particular race.  Yes, there will be some fundraising done for the races.

At our party, we are expecting people to dress the part.  Gentlemen, we need you to don your best Derby Attire.  Ladies, we need to see those Derby Dresses and Hats, because we will be having a “Best Derby Hat Contest” where the winner will be awarded the coveted Crystal Vase.

As for food and drink, we have that covered as well.  Mint Juleps will be offered, and beer will be available for those less ambitious.  Derby fare will be served as well as some Texas style cooking.

So remember, save the date for May 5th and show up around 1 pm!  Tickets are $20 and this event will raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

An Experiment In PIP

I’ll be out-of-pocket today, so there won’t be much going on here.  In an effort to not leave you hanging, we’ve turned on the “Picture in Picture” at Panhandle Prep (yeah, we didn’t know we had that either).  Simply click on the smaller image above and enjoy!  See y’all tomorrow!

Oh, and PHP is featured on Great Lakes Prep today! Please check out this great blog!

A Conversation With Hudson Sutler: Part II

A couple of weeks ago, we visited with Grant Hewit of Hudson Sutler and learned about what drives the man.  Today, we are going to visit the product.  Right now, Hudson Sutler makes one thing and makes it well…duffel bags.  With their classic looks, these bags are somewhat of a throwback to better times gone by.  They remind us of a time when things were made here, and made to last.

After receiving one of the HS Cummuter Duffels a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another Panhandle Prep stress test.  To accomplish this, there was only one place that I could think of that would offer me the tools to perform such a test, so naturally I headed to a place where you and your equipment had better be built to last…CrossFit806.

When I showed up at CF806 with the bag in tow , it passed the first test with flying colors.  Jason Rel at CrossFit806, is something of a bag geek.  When I walked in the front door, he didn’t even look at my face…I could tell he was staring at the Commutter Duffel.  There you go.  It’s eye-catching, and has apparently upstaged my usual Saturday morning arrival.  One down, one to go…It’s nice to see you too Jason!

The next test was to see just what the bag could withstand.  After initially receiving the bag and giving a thorough inspection I was already impressed.  YKK zippers.  As a son of a Dry Cleaner owner, I’ve come to know zippers, and YKK is without a doubt the best there is.  I was very happy to see that, but how about the construction?  The exterior of the duffel is heavy (and I mean heavy) canvas, but could it take two 53 lb kettle bells?  We were about to find out.  The contrasting white straps on the bag are made of a heavy cotton braid, and the snap-hooks that attach the shoulder strap are not of the wimpy wire variety.  They seem to be built to last as well, because the bag held 106 lbs of hell and never even groaned.

At the end of the WOD, Clayton Young seemed like a good rack to hang the HS Duffel on...thanks Clayton!

Stress test passed? Check.

If I were more sadistic, I’m sure that I could have come up with some more brutal trials to put the duffel through, but this thing just looks so good, and I’m not willing to maim this one.  No, I’ll be keeping it looking proper.  With its amazing interior of plaid, this is sure to turn heads for years to come.

The long and short of it is this.  You need to own one of these great pieces of American construction.  Check out the Hudson Sutler website, or visit with Grant yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

One Hell of a Masters Weekend

Well, my pick didn’t quite turn out.  Lefty made one hell of a run at it, and showed again that his short game is a combination of unparalleled skill and huge juevos.  For carding two triple bogeys in the tournament and still having a shot, I was proud of his play.  I absolutely marvel every time he pulls off one of those huge flops with his sixty-four degree wedge.

Bubba Watson was the man of the day though.  I have never seen anyone work the ball like he can.  What I would give to see the shot-tracker from his second shot of the second playoff hole.  To hit it out of the trees from 155 out, draw it 40 yards, and cozy it up within 12 feet is nothing short of amazing.

So, congratulations Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson Jr., you deserve it sir.

The Friday Faction: 03/02/12


It’s Friday…Let’s go back down south

Changes to the Blogroll

When I started Panhandle Prep, I really didn’t have any idea what I was doing, especially when it came to my blogroll.  Blindly, I added several blogs to my list of links that I thought people would enjoy.  I enjoyed them mildly, and thought that I needed to add the gigantic editorials that everyone else did.  As things have evolved though, there are a few blogs on the there that I rarely ever visit anymore.

Nothing against any of these blogs, but today some of them are being let go to be replaced by blogs that I enjoy immensely and think that you will too.  The following is a list of blogs that I have added, as well as an introduction and some information to what makes them unique.

A blog that I have recently added, is one that I enjoy thoroughly.  Great Lakes Prep is a men’s blog that is based in the Midwest.  Everyday, GLP brings you the best in preppy fashion as well as a view into the Great Lakes region.  One of GLP’s signatures that I think you’ll enjoy is the “Style Inspiration”.  Go visit Great Lakes Prep and tell them that PHP said hey.


My next addition to the blogroll is most likely one that you have read before.  Red Clay Soul is the epitome of southern, and a blog that personifies what it means to live like a true southern gentleman.  RCS is a daily inspiration to Panhandle Prep, and a publication that I’m certain you will get a kick out of.

Last, but most certainly not least, is a blog that I can’t get enough of.  Southern Gent Gifts is a Tumblr blog that is just what it says.  Everyday, SGG brings you the best in gifts for men, and shows you just where to get them.  If you have a hard time finding gifts for the gentleman who has everything, this should be your first stop.

As I stated before, I have nothing against the blogs that were on the blogroll previously.  I just feel that aligning ourselves with more like-minded entities will create a far better experience for you the reader.  I encourage you to visit these sites and become a regular reader.  After all, I would assume you can only take so much of the mindless chatter that goes on here!

Ils Sont Partis!

As always, with the Kentucky Derby slated for the first Saturday in May, Horse Racing is firing up.  This is the time of year that newly turned three-year-old thoroughbreds begin the chase for the ever-elusive Triple Crown.

Though not many people who aren’t directly linked with horse racing truly follow it, the Triple Crown Trail is well under way.  Beginning on January 1st, the Gulfstream Derby kicks off a series of races that span the US over a period of six months and ends with the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park in New York.

Mr. Bowling To the Inside

This weekend, if you happen to be in the mood to brush up on your racing or get a feel for who this year’s Kentucky Derby contender might be, you will want to tune in to the Risen Star Stakes held at Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans.  Here’s a heads up:  Mr. Bowling just might be my pick.  Trained by Larry Jones and ridden by Robby Albarado, this horse has some impressive stats so far.  With earnings of over $200,000 and three wins in five starts, he’s looking to me like the horse to beat.

After this weekend, there are several races that will pit some of the Triple Crown hopefuls against each other before they head to Louisville for the showdown.  The Louisiana Derby will take place on April 1st, followed by the Wood Memorial at Aqueduct where a top contender named Alpha might just race against Mr. Bowling.

Without a doubt, this time of year is special to us.  Around our house, the Triple Crown Trail means that it’s time to start ushering in spring, and ushering in spring means that it’s time to start polishing that silver to gear up for that special Kentucky Derby Party.  Mint Julep anyone?

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