Panhandle Prep was created to highlight the “Texas Panhandle” lifestyle, and all other things classic.  Within the posts of this blog, you will find an accumulation of covered subjects.  From opinions on style, to tips on just being a man, you can rest assured that Panhandle Prep will keep your best interests in mind.

While many great Men’s Lifestyle blogs concentrate mostly on High Style, we believe that it is the responsibility of Panhandle Prep to enlighten men everywhere that there are also other finer things in life. Yes, there are many men who dress in fine clothes the majority of the time, but there are so many more that have real work-a-day jobs. Many more men who work hard and play harder. Those types of men go hunting, fishing and camping. Those types of men work on their own vehicles and play poker in those same garages.

By highlighting the gear, vehicles and clothes that those men want to know about and use, we believe that Panhandle Prep can open a new outlet for the average-joe that sometimes feels left out after reading the high-style blogs that dominate the web.

Founded in 2011, Panhandle Prep is the brainchild of Ryon Atwood, a native son of the Texas Panhandle.  Along with other like minded contributors, throughout these pages, readers can experience just what it means to be Panhandle Prep.

FOR INQUIRIES  { reatwood@live.com}


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Lovin’ this blog! I’m a west texas girl…Wall to be exact…near Angelo. However, live about an hr south of Dalls in the middle of nowhere now. Miss west Tx bunches.

    • Thank you Jan! We try to instill a little style into these guys, but we always get back to the fun stuff like fishing and hunting eventually! Labor of Love has to be one of my new favortie blogs!

  2. This Blog is AWESOME! Really enjoy it. Have a great day!

  3. lauraelaro on said:

    Hi. Thanks for following my blog: http://www.lauraelaro.wordpress.org. Your blog looks like alot of fun. Looking forward to the read!

  4. Great stuff, y’all! Found you through our friends, Jack Donnelly, on Pinterest. Cheers.

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